Best Tips for Staying Healthy in The Summer Heat

Summer invites us outdoors to admire sunny day's in the garden, on the beach, at backyard cookouts and vacationing while it's afternoon thunderstorms invite a midday rest outside of the heat. 

Summer is a motivator for us to go outdoors and stay for awhile but in the heat of the day can contribute to less physical activity than in other seasons. 

To encourage our loyalists to enjoy their highest quality of health & vitality this summer, we are sharing our tips for staying cool during it's hottest days and offering the benefits of holistic practices that support an active and healthy summer. 


We need fluid to ensure proper function of all of our body's systems. It is essential for healthy circulation, joint health, energy and our muscles.

Dehydration is a problem and can also lead to further health issues such as heat stroke.

While some resources suggest 8 cups of water a day other sources encourage drinking half of your body weight in oz/day. So if you are 150 lbs you would want to drink 75 oz or 9 cups of water. 

If you are outside in the heat or working out it's also suggested to drink 4-6 oz every 20 minutes. 

Bottom line, drink up! Be conscious of staying hydrating and choose healthy drinks satisfying to your body. Nothing replaces pure water. While energy drinks and sports drinks are advertised as a healthy way to stay hydrated they are often loaded with sugar and unhealthy additives. 

If water is boring to you choose a diffuser bottle with your favorite fruits. Cucumber water is especially refreshing.   Alternatively choose coconut water over fruit juice. Coconut water generally has fewer calories and added sugars than fruit juice. It's also a good source of potassium.



1. Eat more "water-rich" fruits and vegetables

Watermelon, Strawberries, Grapefruit, Peaches, Cantaloupe, Cucumbers,
Lettuce, Zucchini, Celery, Tomatoes

2. Eat cold soups, preferably those that are broth-based. Gazpacho is one popular cold soup that originated from Spain. 

3. Try These Cooling Teas

Peppermint is known for it's cooling properties dur to it's high menthol content.  

Sipp Fenugreek tea. It may help you sweat to cool off your body. It is also useful for detoxifying the body. 



Plan your day around the heat. Try to avoid outdoors during the peak heat of the day.  



Wear light colored and loose fitting clothes made from natural fibers such as cotton. A hat with a wide brim and sunglasses will protect you from direct sunlight or try a parasol or umbrella.



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Visit your chiropractor 

With Summer there is the potential for us to be less physically active. Staying indoors during the peak heat of the day contributes to a decrease in activity and too much inactivity can cause weak muscles, stiff joints, and back and neck pain. Chiropractors gently manipulate the spine, allowing some of that pain to dissipate and with the lessening of pain, you may also find that it’s easier and more enjoyable to move.

Visit your yoga studio 

Yoga poses practiced gently and meditatively balance the mind and body and are beneficial any time of the year. Early mornings or late evenings are the best times to practice yoga. 

Shavasana is one of many yoga poses to try after after a long day to unwind in the evening. *note this is not best for individuals with high blood pressure please consult your yoga practice for best modifications.

Since the heart is pumping out more blood, when the temperature is high, this yoga pose helps the heart by returning more blood back to the heart. 

1. Lie down in Shavasana near a wall – with your feet touching the wall. Raise your legs and rest your feet on the wall.

2. After holding the posture for a minute or two, bring the legs down and rest in Shavasana. You’ll find this yoga pose refreshing and restorative.

Continue enjoying your summer with these refreshing tips to stay cool during the hottest parts of the day, to enjoy natures best fruits, vegetables and herbal teas during the summer and how to stay active with the support from your holistic practitioners for your best health & vitality. 

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