A deep purplish black berry lay in the palm of a mother’s hand. She took it between her thumb and index finger, it was plump and full. “Thank you" she said to it, with a tiny little smile.

Just four years earlier chaos was ringing through her home with cries from her little girl who was sick. Tears fell from this mother’s eyes as she didn’t have the medicine to provide the necessary comfort for her little girl.

“All I wanted was my daughter to feel better but the medicine available to me over the counter tasted awful and my little girl fought it and she fought it hard.  It was emotional chaos in my home.  It caused unnecessary stress that was harmful to her health and devastating to my heart as a mom. I had to hold my daughter as she screamed and cried and push a syringe in the side of her cheek to force medicine into her body.”

As the story unfolds this mother is the founder and CEO of The POWER of Elderberries, Jessica Lowery.  Jessica’s commitment to finding a way for her arms to only always be used to wrap around her children in comfort rather than in a forceful hold to help them swallow medicine, produced for her a labor of love over a hot pot of homemade elderberry syrup now known as The POWER of Elderberries.

In the kitchen of her home in 2018 Jessica unknowingly discovered how to capture all Five Love Languages introduced to us by Author Gary Chapman in 1992 and bottle them in her own elderberry syrup recipe.

Gary Chapman tells us that there are Five Love Languages that people communicate through. And yes, we can communicate through multiple love languages. We can both receive and express Love in many ways although we have our personal preferences (you can take a quiz online to discover your love language).

In that moment of desperation to make someone she deeply loved (her own child) feel better both physically and emotionally, a mother’s heart held the capacity to express all five love languages at the same time. Mothers have a divine gift to nurture the best in her little ones with words of affirmation, her tenderness caresses a saddened heart with a gentle touch when words won’t work, her presence is comforting, her ability to put another before herself without expecting anything in return earns her unfailing trust and the little surprises, she gifts are a warmth, a friendliness this world needs.

When desperately wanting to give her family something that could support their health and influence a calm and comforting healing in times of sickness, a mother poured all Five Love Languages into the highest quality homemade Elderberry syrup.  

At the heart of The POWER of Elderberries we encourage life-giving habits that influence your healthiest lifestyle in all FIVE Love Languages and one small dose at a time.

Here is how The POWER of Elderberries is expressed in all FIVE Love Languages.

The POWER of Elderberries can help you express your LOVE through physical touch.  It is so delicious, and children love it, making it agreeable for them to take. There is no fuss no chaos or screaming.  It gives us room for our physical touch to always be easy, comforting, and calming. The POWER of Elderberries allows us to always have a healing touch, one that says, “It’s going to be okay.”  

Our Elderberry Syrup Expresses love for another through the quality of time it encourages you to share. Have you recently invited a friend to have tea or coffee with you? In these cold winter months, wrap your hands around a warm cup of friendship adding a dose of The POWER of Elderberries to your drink.  Lean in over a hot cup of P.O.E Café au Lait as your friend tells you something that creates a smile. Sip a hot P.O.E Signature Tea as you both slow down to sit and share a moment of quality time together.

We are here to help you express your love for another through acts of service too. When you learn your neighbor is under the weather or your friend is home sick giving them a bottle of our Elderberry Syrup simply say’s “You matter to me and your health matters to me.” You can simply have The POWER of Elderberries delivered to their door. You can order a bottle of The P.O.E and have it delivered to them, or you can personally tuck it into a gift basket with a cute box of tissues to hand deliver.

The POWER of Elderberries is a gift to your health but when giving or receiving a gift is the love language you and your friends or family member communicate most our gift sets are a thoughtful way to say, “I value you.” After all you gift the best for the best!

Whether your words are left on a sticky note or audibly shared with another, you simply speak through words of affirmation when The POWER of Elderberries has encouraged you to create quality time together, has been the catalyst for an act of service, is accompanied by gentle touch or gifted with a note.

You see, our Elderberry syrup is a dose of love. It was created from the expression of all Five Love Languages. Before it was “The POWER of Elderberries,” it was the most comforting “mom’s elderberry syrup.” It’s still “Mom’s elderberry syrup” to three little ones you can be sure received love in every dose of syrup that was made in Jessica’s kitchen four years ago. The same love is poured into the same syrup today.

What is the difference today? Jessica's recipe is made in a commercial facility by “Chef Chad” and assistants who are as meticulous as the mother, founder and CEO of the bottle of love you have in your fridge.  Just as you would expect a mother to make something of the highest integrity for her own family, your elderberry syrup carrying the label “The POWER of Elderberries” is made with equal integrity. 

“There is love poured into each bottle. The last drop of juice is squeezed from every berry. There is no cutting corners. We use the highest quality ingredients. My health matters, my family’s health matters and now my syrup is a gift to someone else. It says you matter to me. Your health matters to me and I want you to be the healthiest version of yourself.”

Jessica, Founder & CEO

Jessica has always valued the purest quality ingredients in products she used for her children and family.  Every bottle is packaged and mailed to her customers with the same inaudible “Thank you” and tiny smile that she gave to that little elderberry that lay in the palm of her hand four years ago.  It’s a small berry that makes a large impact every day in her family’s life and in her customers. The gift is truly in GIVING away the love poured into each bottle knowing the profound difference it is about to make in someone else’s life.

The POWER of Elderberries is truly the perfect gift all year but especially on Valentine's Day!

           ------> I have the perfect person in mind! GIFTING right now! <-------

Not sure what your LOVE LANGUAGE IS? Discover it HERE and then share with us on social using #thepowerofelderberries how you’re using The P.O.E to both express your own Love Language and communicate it to your friends and family using their own! 


What I want for my own family is also what I want for yours. For that reason, the quality of our products will never be compromised. Quality standards and consumer safety are at the forefront of our business practices.

Jessica Lowery