It wasn’t LUCK Jessica depended on for her family to be their healthiest It Was Better Than Luck, It was The POWER in taking Action.

Jessica stood over the kitchen counter, crying because her hands were raw, and her fingers were distorted from muscle cramps.  She had spent hours ringing handfuls of the small elderberry to save every last drop.

It isn’t by “chance” or ‘luck” that her children and family were going to stay healthy or recover from being sick with greater ease and comfort that year.

It was going to be a result of her taking action in the kitchen. She knew that her Elderberry Syrup was more reliable than “luck,” it was better than luck.

Passionate to Let Nature Do The Healing and motivated by a mother’s commitment to help her children stay their healthiest, Jessica spent endless hours in her kitchen perfecting the highest quality pure elderberry syrup for those that relied on her the most.

Although Elderberry has long been known for its immune-boosting properties and is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world, Jessica felt overwhelmed sifting through copious amounts of elderberry products on the market that didn’t meet a mother’s level of standards.

“I wanted control over the quality of ingredients, safety of the product and taste so my kids would take “medicine” without kicking and screaming.”

Jessica began capturing the FULL potency of this popular purple berry through a specific time intensive process that would also preserve the FULL taste and aroma of its potency. To show full respect to nature only the highest quality of organic ingredients was used to complement its efficacy.

Her motivation to provide only the best for her family would lead to their best health and eventually to yours too!


Here is a peek into the difference in the ingredients, in the process and in the community that make The POWER of Elderberries is making.  


The Difference In The Ingredients:

Our elderberry syrup is handcrafted using only the purest ingredients from nature; including local raw honey, organic European black elderberries, organic ginger root, organic cinnamon sticks, and organic whole cloves.

Contains 700+ mg of organic European black elderberry per adult serving.

Doses are rich in the immune stimulant, anthocyanidins, that are known for attacking the flu virus.

Contains only whole ingredients from nature; therefore, shaking the bottle is not necessary. You will not find any sediment collection at the bottom of which gives our elderberry syrup the smooth, delicious taste that customers love!

Requires refrigeration upon arrival. Raw honey serves as a natural preservative in our elderberry syrup. Although we could extend the shelf-life with thermal (heat) processing methods along with adding preservatives we choose not to.

Real elderberries are used in comparison to elderberry concentrate.


The Difference In The Processing and Packaging:

Third party lab tested for quality assurance and consumer safety.

Produced in a commercial facility by our Director of Operations and former with many years of experience in Food Safety Management.

Medicinal properties of the local raw honey stay intact. We do not thermal (heat) process our elderberry syrup which would compromise its effectiveness.

Amber glass bottles maintain the highest standard of packaging, ensuring the quality of our ingredients are never compromised.

Every bottle is sanitized prior to filling.

The POWER of Elderberries is compliant with the FSMA guidelines: coding, tracking and traceability are part of our procedures.


The Difference in The Community:

Jessica knew her Elderberry Syrup was the best quality for her family, but then her friends asked of it of her too, now the best quality of pure elderberry syrup once cooked in this mother’s kitchen is now poured into her community.

“Weeks prior to even getting the idea in my head to make a batch from scratch I can remember dropping to my knees at the side of our bed asking God to lead me to something that would help bring in more income for our family. We were really struggling financially, and it felt like everything was falling apart and coming to a complete halt. Little did I know that my Facebook post to solely educate my friends on elderberry syrup would lead to a business we never saw coming.”

Jake looked at Jessica, thinking about the endless hours she was spending in the kitchen making Elderberry Syrup not only for their family but for countless others, he said her name to get her attention, but desperation interrupted his next words with an unexpected knocking at the door. It was one of their friends. “I am sorry to come over so late, but my children are sick and I am out of your syrup. They really need it.”

Jessica & Jake didn’t plan to walk away from their careers to start their own business but in that moment, it wasn’t their plan they were committing to follow, and so their next act was to move forward in faith.

It doesn’t take having the best of luck to experience a healthier lifestyle, it only takes one small act of faith to move us a measurable degree closer towards having one.

And in this story, it was a mother’s small act in creating a vehicle for Nature To Do The Healing.

“Not only was it helping our family make ends meet since we were living from our savings, but it was also answering prayers in return when customers started sharing testimonials with me, I knew I couldn't stop it was doing things above and beyond immune support and supporting cold and flu symptoms I never imagined possible and still continues today.”


It wasn’t Luck Jessica depended on for her family to be their healthiest

It Was Better Than Luck, It Was The POWER In Taking Action.

What I want for my own family is also what I want for yours. For that reason, the quality of our products will never be compromised. Quality standards and consumer safety are at the forefront of our business practices.

Jessica Lowery