Plant A Seed Of Kindness

It’s allergy season, a time that most of us struggle with feeling well enough to enjoy the springtime outdoors, and experience stuffy noses and itchy eyes.

In “Plant A Seed of Kindness” we share 6 simple ways to help you find relief from allergies and experience a different kind of spring this year.  A spring that allows you to enjoy being outside, where the flowers bloom and fresh air summons you to the park, the beach, the garden or simple walks with friends.

Or perhaps, like us, a stroll at the Farmers Market.

The Farmers Markets are where we initially began meeting our community face to face and where the awareness of The POWER of Elderberries continued to gain further reach.

Today, they are a place where we go to connect with our loyal customers while leaning in to listen to the testimonials, they openly share with those standing around our table that haven’t yet experienced The POWER of Elderberries.

Our customers “Plant A Seed of Kindness” by sharing their testimonials, with sometimes complete strangers, which grows into another's awareness of something that can bring more health and vitality into their life.

Before we share 6 simple ways to help you find relief from allergies, we wanted to share a very powerful testimonial and story with you that came from a customer at a Farmer’s Market.

Our CEO/Founder Jessica Lowery shared,

“The Farmers Markets are where customers have come and literally wrapped their arms around my neck, for a hug.

I can remember one customer in particular. It was a little lady at the North Myrtle Beach farmers market that started crying as she gave me a hug and told me that our elderberry syrup was an answered prayer for her health.

She said our elderberry syrup was helping her more than stem cell treatments that she was paying $1400 for to receive in both of her

knees. She was finally able to experience relief from the excruciating pain that she was enduring as a result of having no cartilage in her knees and not being able to get a knee replacement because of her age.

Customers have hugged me at farmers markets telling me what a blessing our products are to them and their family.

It's usually the customers that have found no hope or answers for the relief of various underlying symptoms that get the most emotional with me at farmers markets.”

 At The POWER of Elderberries, we support our customers experience of a healthy, active lifestyle year-round.

That’s why this spring we focus on allergy relief. Did you know that Elderberries are a natural antihistamine, and also help breakup mucous and relieve congestion? This makes the Elderberry a natural alternative to OTC antihistamines and decongestants.

Here are 6 additional ways to find relief from your allergies and enjoy a more active spring this year, whether at the park, the garden, yoga or the market.

1. Use a Saline Nasal Wash

2. Include some of nature’s organic healers on your grocery list for your next visit to the market:

a. Try papaya and pineapple. They carry bromelain, an enzyme that is proven to be effective at improving breathing by reducing swelling.

b. Include a good probiotic on the list such as yogurt, kefir and sauerkraut. They may help improve symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

c. Include A RAW Local Honey in your Tea or to Drizzle on your foods. Honey is known to provide relief from seasonal allergies. You can shop the RAW local Honey we use in The POWER of Elderberries and add it to your next order!

3. Use humidifiers and dehumidifiers at the right times for your allergies

4. Change to HEPA filters for your heating and cooling system

5. Jump in the shower and wash your hair when you get home to remove pollen particles.

6. Wash your clothes after you’ve been outdoors.

We recognize that Our Customers are passionate about experiencing the good things in life; through restored energy, ease of movement, and abundance of wellness and that is why we are proud to be able to support their healthy, active lifestyle through our Signature Elderberry Syrup.

>>Order The POWER of Elderberries for Allergies<<

We recommend increasing your once daily dose up to five times a day for added immune support and relief of symptoms such as those related to allergies.

Either "The Essentials” Bundle with our on-the go Elderberry Syrup Bites or “The Premium” Bundle for the whole family is recommended.

If you have shared your testimonial already, we thank you. You “Plant a Seed of Kindness” every time you share The POWER of Elderberries with someone, and you help us expand our reach to those passionate about experiencing a healthy Active lifestyle too.

If you haven’t already and would like to “Plant a Seed of Kindness”, you can take a few minutes to choose any product and leave a “review” today!

What I want for my own family is also what I want for yours. For that reason, the quality of our products will never be compromised. Quality standards and consumer safety are at the forefront of our business practices.

Jessica Lowery