Unwrapping the Health Benefits of this Holiday Season

Revised December, 2023

In December’s blog, we are unwrapping all the health benefits of this merry season, including “The Taste of Christmas,” "The Health & Happiness in Giving" and "The Gift of Quality time".

As we spend time unwrapping each of these health benefits, we discover that this holiday season is full of gifts for our health that 

🎁 boost our immune system,

🎁 improve mood and happiness,

🎁 improve tolerance for exercise and physical activity &

🎁 help us live longer!

Let's start with the gifts found in "The Taste of Christmas.


Our loyal customers have often expressed that our Elderberry Syrup “tastes like Christmas.”  This is in part due to the spices like cinnamon and cloves that we use in our products and that are popular during this season.

While Cinnamon, Cloves, and even Nutmeg (not in our products) are all spices commonly used to spice up dishes and drinks this time of year and bring warmth into the memory of sharing time with family and friends, these spices offer more than delicious flavor for our taste buds to enjoy. 

Cinnamon, Cloves, and Nutmeg have been shown to boost immune function, relieve inflammation, protect heart health, support liver health, stabilize blood sugar levels, support oral health, calm the nervous system and improve blood circulation.

So, the next time you indulge in the warmth of mulled apple cider or another holiday dish with these spices take a pause to recognize how your whole body can reap their medicinal benefits too. It’s like a delicious experience for you and a gift of health for your body!

Not a fan of Apple Cider? Try our Elderberry Syrup in your tea or coffee for a splash of “Christmas” in your cup!

Fill your cup or plate with a “Taste of Christmas” and let’s move on to holiday gift-giving. It may just return to us the gift of longevity!


Studies prove it! Giving gifts makes us happier than receiving them and when it comes to longevity, Harvard Health found that people who had higher levels of optimism had a longer lifespan. When a gift is given with genuine sincerity, whether it is something physical or simply the gift of quality time, it returns to us a gift of health and happiness. 


Whether it’s the delicious health benefits of seasonal spices or the joy of giving to another, this season is always marked as a time of year to pause and spend more time with friends and family. It turns out that quality time spent with those that mean the most improves our health as well.

Studies show that “the days of the year when the majority of Americans experience enjoyment/happiness also tend to be days that they report spending more time with friends and family” including holidays and special events. 

Having “unwrapped” the hidden health benefits of this holiday season including

🎁 The Taste of Christmas,

🎁 The Health & Happiness in Giving and

🎁 The Gift of Quality Time

We encourage all of our community to enjoy this season’s social gatherings, the long Christmas Day with friends and family including gifting presents and simply being present, and all the holiday dinners on either side with delicious, good-for-you spices.
It is, after all, the best time of year for our Health & Happiness!

What I want for my own family is also what I want for yours. For that reason, the quality of our products will never be compromised. Quality standards and consumer safety are at the forefront of our business practices.

Jessica Lowery