Your Perfect Summer Companion for Your Health & Vitality

We look forward to the summer destination and all of the fun ahead, but sometimes getting there can be stressful and returning from travel can feel tiring.  

While vitamins and minerals are important to our health and vitality, one of the most incredible aspects about the elderberry is that it is a significant source of multiple medicinal properties found in several vitamins.

To help our loyalists enjoy the best of summer whether at home or travelling, we are sharing the research that supports the Elderberry as a perfect summer companion, so you don’t miss a moment!

Shorten symptoms from in-air travel sickness

Whether you’re just arriving to your destination or you’re returning home from an amazing time, it is frustrating when a summer cold, virus or sickness is your welcome.

Studies show Travelers using elderberry from 10 days before travel until 4–5 days after experienced a 2-day shorter duration of the cold and also noticed a reduction in cold symptoms. 

Experience relief from joint pain from travel.

Whether travelling by car or flight inflammation can set in with prolonged travel. Achy joints can threaten our ability to enjoy our arrival as much as make us feel less relaxed on our return.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Elderberry in combination with the premium spices we use in our Signature Syrup promote joint health and pain relief.

Elderberry contains Anthocyanin, a type of natural plant pigment found in elderberry that has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties


Don’t allow stomach blues to cramp your summer travel!

Belly blues can put a halt to our summer activity, interrupt social plans and keep us from experiencing travel carefree. It can be unpredictable and embarrassing, keeping us from truly enjoying ourselves.

Elderberry has been shown to improve urination and bowel moments to help protect against fluid retention and promote regularity.

Here are two powerful testimonials from a loyalist (who remains anonymous) who shares how The POWER of Elderberries has helped her return to enjoying herself again rather than home battling belly blues.

" My IBS was so unpredictable that every time my husband and I went out to eat I would have to try to sit as close to the bathroom as possible.  The POWER of Elderberries has given me a little bit of my freedom back. I no longer have to worry about where the nearest bathroom is." 

- Loyalist of The P.O.E

"I've definitely noticed that I'm more regular since taking The POWER of Elderberries. It's been good for my stomach." 

- Loyalist of The P.O.E

Too Tired to Enjoy Travel & Summer Fun?

Despite your best plans sometimes our body doesn’t want to follow our ideas. Participating in family gatherings and enjoying outdoor activity can be hard if you have blood vessel problems, heart disease & chronic fatigue.

And while High levels of stress and lack of sleep can perpetuate the problem we also understand those health conditions can cause stress and fatigue themselves.

Among Elderberry’s many health benefits, it contains Quercetin.

Quercetin modulates inflammatory conditions such as heart disease, compromised blood vessel, allergies, infections, chronic fatigue, and arthritis. 

Quercetin also decreases oxidative stress on the body. Oxidative stress takes place in all of us but is increased by things like a poor diet, high levels of stress, a lack of sleep and exposure to chemical toxins.


Experience the best of summer with the perfect companion to your health and vitality, our Premium Signature Elderberry Syrup.

Our Signature Elderberry Syrup is hand-crafted and processed using the highest standards of safety and efficacy so we ensure The POWER of Elderberries is captured in every bottle and in every bite.

The Elderberry is a perfect companion for your health and vitality year round and we have made sure to compliment nature’s healing POWER by using only premium spices in our syrup for not only incredible taste but additional health benefits.



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Jessica Lowery