Elderberry Power

October 2018
Written By: Joan Leotta
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Myrtle Beach resident, Jessica Lowery, had no idea the impact that sharing her personal experience with elderberry syrup would have on our community. During the midst of the year’s rough flu season, she simply wanted to educate others on how elderberry syrup could help their families as well. What started as friends of Jessica’s requesting bottles of her personal formulation, quickly turned into a business selling thousands of bottles in just a few short months. Kids loved the taste, and the mothers loved the quality of organic ingredients and local raw honey that Lowery was using in her recipe.
Herbal practitioners have used elderberries for centuries to treat ailments such as colds, flu, fever, burns, cuts and much more dating all the way back to Hippocrates, “The Father of Medicine”. Sharing this knowledge with others is second natural for Jessica Lowery as she has a Master of Arts in Teaching in Health Education from the University of South Carolina with her undergraduate degree in science. It is her background in science aided in developing an elderberry syrup that is consistent in potency.

What I want for my own family is also what I want for yours. For that reason, the quality of our products will never be compromised. Quality standards and consumer safety are at the forefront of our business practices.

Jessica Lowery