The Power Of Elderberries Checks All Boxes

“Stay still! Stop moving! It’s not that bad! It’s good for you; it will make you feel better. Hey, don’t spit that out!”

Ever uttered these phrases while trying to get your child to take medicine? While attempting to hold down flailing limbs, you miss their mouth and there goes the medicine all over the floor.
Sitting there on the floor with a huge mess and a sobbing child, the feeling of defeat creeps in. You just want your little one to feel better, but you feel like you’re just hurting them even more. Don’t you hate that feeling as a parent? When you feel guilty for getting frustrated with your child especially while they are sick, but you know that if you could just get that medicine down, they would feel better. We know what’s best for them, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do.

My name is Jessica Lowery, and I am the Founder & CEO of The POWER of Elderberries. This was my story every time one of my kids got sick before I created my own elderberry syrup recipe. Since then, my kids look forward to taking their daily dose of elderberry syrup; our youngest will even fake cough so he can get a little extra! Our family uses it for everything from a daily immune booster to allergies, congestion, headaches and if cough, cold or flu symptoms ever arise, we just increase the frequency of doses.

That’s why in 2018 during another flu epidemic, I knew I had to share my story of using elderberry syrup to recover from flu symptoms within 24hrs with my Facebook friends. Little did I know that social media post would launch a business I didn’t see coming. With almost every pharmacy in the area out of Tamiflu, I had friends of friends of friends reaching out and requesting bottles of my elderberry syrup. Having three small children and a full-time job made production a challenge but looking into the eyes of desperate mothers with sick children, wiping away tears, and listening to testimonials of the relief that my product was bringing to countless families, I knew I couldn’t stop! It felt so good to be able to love on families in that way, especially when they had sick children and
couldn’t find relief any other way. I saw no turning back; I am forever grateful God called me to move forward with starting this business, The POWER of Elderberries.

The POE allows you to rethink medicine and “let nature do the healing.” No more kicking and screaming from your kids when you bring out the medicine cups, and no more dropping your kids off at school hoping and praying their immune system is strong enough to keep them feeling well. Nope, The POWER of Elderberries checks all the boxes!

kid-friendly elderberry syrup

Our team has watched so many kids fight Mom on trying our elderberry syrup at markets and events because they didn’t like all the others they’ve had before only to try ours and say, “Oh that tastes GOOD!” Some elderberry syrups may be bitter or the spices may to be too strong to your kids liking; however, The POWER of Elderberries’ Elderberry Syrup is handcrafted using all premium organic ingredients with an abundance of local raw honey that creates a smooth and delicious taste that kids LOVE!

Rest assured that The POWER of Elderberries has taken the necessary steps to set ourselves a part in some BIG ways:
• Third party lab tested for quality assurance and consumer safety
• 700+ mg organic black elderberries per serving
• Chef produced in our commercial facility
• No powder sediment = no shaking required
• No added preservatives or other methods used to extend shelf stability
• It’s potent, delicious and effective. Kids LOVE it!

“We love The POE to keep our 2-year-old and 1-year-old healthy! They are both in daycare and were sick all the time until we started taking this elderberry syrup daily. They love the flavor too!” -Ashley K.

Daycares and schools can be breeding grounds for germs! But what’s a mamma to do? The answer is to give your kids their daily dose of The POE before heading out for the day. You can drop them off at school knowing that their immune system is boosted. Our hope is to keep more parents at work and more children in school with The POWER of Elderberries.

“I cannot speak highly enough of this elderberry syrup! As a relatively new mother I have been struggling to research alternatives to traditional medicines, and worried about avoiding antibiotics wherever possible. My poor daughter got my allergies, and we both struggle with congestion and other issues. Finding The POWER of Elderberries’ Elderberry Syrup was a God send, as my pediatrician was starting to pressure me to try a daily allergy medicine for my daughter. Since her and I started taking The POE daily, our symptoms have GREATLY decreased! We take The POE twice a day if symptoms get worse, and I can’t describe how invaluable my peace of mind is, knowing where to turn if anyone is sick or has an issue. Thank you to The POWER of Elderberries!” -Erica R.

That’s our goal; to not only make your job as a parent just a little bit easier, but also to provide you with peace of mind that you have the right answer when your little one isn’t feeling well.

We invite you to join us on social media @thepowerofelderberries to learn more along the way and also to be the first to know when we launch our NEW product…. Elderberry Gummies!

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What I want for my own family is also what I want for yours. For that reason, the quality of our products will never be compromised. Quality standards and consumer safety are at the forefront of our business practices.

Jessica Lowery