Elderberry Syrup Bites: Immune support and nonprofit fundraising support in Myrtle Beach

As we move into cold and flu season, many turn to elderberry syrup for immune support.

Jessica Lowery, founder of The POWER of Elderberries, came up with something new, elderberry syrup bites.

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The elderberry syrup bites are an on-the-go option made from the same five core ingredients as her elderberry syrup. Jessica is now using them to help school groups and organizations with fundraising efforts.

"I want to build this brand on ongoing giving efforts not just tailored to certain organizations. I want it to be available to anybody, because my heart is just to help as many people as I can with this business," said Jessica.

If you're interested in fundraising opportunities, email Jessica at info@thepowerofelderberries.com or click here.

To shop local and find out more about The POWER of Elderberries, click here.

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