The P.O.E. Elderberry Syrup: Immune Support + So Much More

Elderberries contain antioxidants and have traditionally been used to help support the immune system. They are also a great source of Vitamin C and other essential vitamins. Dr. Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, says, “Elderberries carry many health benefits, including major cold and flu relief, sinus infection aid, lowers blood sugar, natural diuretic, encourages healthy skin, eases allergies, and may improve heart health.” Hippocrates (“The Father of Medicine”) even referred to the elder tree as his “medicine chest”.

Not All Elderberry Syrups Are Created Equally

The POWER of Elderberries’ Elderberry Syrup is an herbal supplement made with a powerhouse of ingredients from Mother Nature that naturally supports the immune system + SO MUCH MORE. While the basic ingredients in most elderberry syrups are dried elderberries, a sweetener source, and a mix of herbs, not all elderberry syrups are created equally. The POWER of Elderberries’ Elderberry Syrup is handcrafted using all premium organic ingredients and an abundance of local raw honey that creates a smooth and delicious taste that consumers love! It’s potent, delicious, and effective. Kids LOVE it!

Rest assured that The POWER of Elderberries has taken the necessary steps to set ourselves a part in some BIG ways:

  • Third-party lab tested for quality assurance and consumer safety
  • 700+ mg organic black elderberries per serving
  • Chef produced in our commercial facility
  • No powder sediment = no shaking required
  • No added preservatives or other methods used to extend shelf stability

If you are looking to reap the benefits of local raw honey from your elderberry syrup, steer clear of syrups that are hot-filled. While the hot-filling saves a lot of labor, time, and money when making elderberry syrup, the process requires that liquids be heated to at least 194° and bottled/sealed immediately. At such high temperatures, raw honey's probiotics, enzymes, and amino acids can degrade or break down completely. The POWER of Elderberries NEVER hot-fills our elderberry syrup.

“I was a skeptic at first but thought 'what could it hurt'. I was dealing with severe migraines and pain in my heels - one end of my body to the other hurt. The migraines have slowed down the foot pain is 98% better!! I am walking in the evenings again and enjoying time with my family. Thank you for all you do!" – M. Ore, Customer

"My pediatrician was starting to pressure me to try a daily allergy medicine for my daughter. Since her and I started taking The POWER of Elderberries daily, our symptoms have GREATLY decreased! We take it twice a day if symptoms get worse, and I can't describe how invaluable my peace of mind is; knowing where to turn if anyone is sick or has an issue!" – Erica R., Customer

“I have to admit I was very skeptical and thought of it as a carnival elixir. Boy, was I very wrong! I started using the recommended tablespoon, and my sinuses started to dry up and my kidney pain just went away after a few days of using this stuff. It tastes great and would highly recommend this product to anyone. Thanks again!!!" – Brandon C., Customer

The Travel Solution

Packing everything but the refrigerator? You can take our Signature Elderberry Syrup on the go with our Elderberry Syrup Bites! With our commitment to clean ingredients, our Elderberry Syrup Bites are the safest way to get the immune support that you need while traveling.

NOW AVAILABLE in travel-friendly pouches, Elderberry Syrup Bites are perfect for your next weekend getaway!

With 100+ retailers carrying The POWER of Elderberries’ products, you’re sure to find a retailer near you.

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What I want for my own family is also what I want for yours. For that reason, the quality of our products will never be compromised. Quality standards and consumer safety are at the forefront of our business practices.

Jessica Lowery