Every bottle purchased this month helps support women with Breast Cancer.

Your purchase this month is helping to support the immune systems' of women battling Breast Cancer. Our goal is to put a bottle of our Elderberry Syrup Bites into the hands of each client at You Can Thrive!

You Can Thrive! is an organization that empowers women through a holistic approach to healing. They promote overall well-being using an innovative delivery method. YCT! has been serving people with Breast Cancer across the USA since 2005 through their low cost and free wellness programs.

You Can Thrive! centers their wellness programs around a model that addresses all aspects of well-being and helps women with Breast Cancer not only survive but THRIVE. Thank you for joining The POWER of Elderberries as we work to support the You Can Thrive! mission this month!

Together we can make a difference!

Read more about You Can Thrive! HERE