The smooth taste of our Signature Elderberry Syrup lures tastebuds. 
Our customers testimonials challenge the skeptic. 
Research shows evidence that there is MORE to this purple berry than immune support.  


Continue reading to learn more about one of nature's finest treasures, The Elderberry.

"Nature's Medicine Chest"

Referred to as "The Medicine Chest" by Hippocrates, Elderberries have long been thought of as "A Cure All." 

Elderberries are one of the top anti-viral herbs on the planet in combination with it's anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.  

Sambucus Nigra is the most common variety of the black elderberry plant used for medicinal purposes.  It is native to Europe, Africa and parts of Asia and is the species on which the majority of scientific research has been conducted.

Elderberry is often recommended for use as a natural remedy to support the natural process of recovery and restoration however research supports the use of the Elderberry as a holistic herbal supplment to support whole body systems.

Nature's POWERful Alternative to Your Health & Vitality

Elderberries have pharmacologic properties making it a natural alternative for Cold, Flu, Sinus Infections, Lowering Blood Sugar Levels, Supporting Regularity, Heart Health & Skin Health. Elderberries are also rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, iron and potassium.

Dosage Recommendation

Daily Dosing is Recommended for Optimal Benefits.
1-2 Years of Age: 1/2 Teaspoon Daily
3-12 years of Age: 1 Teaspoon  
Adults: 1 Tablespoon  

When symptomatic continue taking recommended dose up to 5 times daily for additional support.

Children under 12, pregnant and lactating women, patients taking medication, and individuals with chronic diseases and/or food allergies should contact a physician or healthcare professional prior to using a new herbal supplement.


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The POWER of Elderberries Essentials Bundle Essentials Bundle
The POWER of Elderberries Essentials Bundle Essentials Bundle
The POWER of Elderberries Essentials Bundle Essentials Bundle
The POWER of Elderberries Essentials Bundle Essentials Bundle
The POWER of Elderberries Essentials Bundle Essentials Bundle

We love The POWER of Elderberries to keep our 2-year-old & 1 year old healthy! They are both in daycare and were sick all the time until we started taking this elderberry syrup daily. They love the flavor too!
- Ashley K.


My family believes in the POE. We purchase 2 large bottles every month and take it year round . We haven’t even experienced the common cold since we started with one dose per day . I love the taste of it too .
-Susan R


I have really bad arthritis. And I have a compromised immune system. When I started taking power of elderberry, it was for the immune system. After about a month I realized that I had mobility in my hands, my knees were not hurting, I could grasp things. And my pain is so greatly reduced. Through all of the pandemic, I feel as if the boost to my immune system has helped me be virus free. I do admit that I tried another brand when my local supplier he was out. I will never do that again! Power of elderberry is what works for me. I am a new person since I started taking it. Thank you thank you thank you!
– Jenny R.



Premium Handcrafted Elderberry Syrup 

A Holistic Partner for Your Health & Vitality