My daughter has had trouble with taking medicine and instead of loading her up with antibiotics when she gets sick, we have fought off sick germs with a shot of this great tasting elderberry syrup every time with no fuss! Thank you for taking this Momma's medicine woes away!

- Dani K.
I started using this elderberry syrup earlier this year and introduced it to my kids soon after. They ask for it every day. They even fake cough and say they need their elderberry syrup. It tastes good and it works.
- Jaime C.
The Power of Elderberries is not only a potent way to boost your immune system, but also delicious! I highly recommend this great product for anyone who is health-minded and focused on wellness rather than treating symptoms.   - Linda B.
This is the best tasting elderberry syrup that I've ever had. The company is very responsive to orders as well as questions from customers and they make it easy to get this high-quality product. Great company to work with.                                 - Ebeth S.
Love the taste and all the amazing benefits of The POWER of Elderberries...keep up the awesome job!
- Christine K.
The most delicious elderberry syrup I’ve ever tasted! It has a wonderful viscosity. Thank you!
- Leslie B.  
Discovered this product at a farmers' market in Myrtle Beach. I've been ordering from them ever since. Tried a sample of the liquid and the bite and was hooked. Tastes SO much better than any elderberry syrup I've tried! The bites are fantastic because they taste great and do not stick to your teeth at all!! Shipping is usually always within a couple days. I highly recommend 👌                             - Adie Jo
Just received my order! Super-fast shipping. My 2 year old said "yummy" when I gave it to her, so I tried it. It is yummy, and I love that it’s all natural and organic. Thank you so much. I highly recommend The Power of Elderberries.
- Dawn F.
I was worried our 2.5 year old may not love the taste of the elderberry syrup BUT that wasn’t the case he keeps telling me it’s soooo deeeelicious and he needs more! I never expected to tell him he didn’t need anymore until tomorrow. Thank you for giving us a safe, natural, organic source of goodness. I couldn’t be more thankful Jessica! What a blessing you are
- Lauren H.
Love the taste of this! Have tried others and this taste so good. My son and husband say it reminds them of apple butter. Needing to purchase another bottle soon.
- Whitney C.
I have been a believer of elderberry for a while, but most of the shelf stable brands in store have questionable ingredients. My kids were also never thrilled to take it because most of the big brands are almost grossly sweet and have a thick syrup texture. Then a friend whose family owns a local health store introduced us to Power of Elderberries and my whole family loves it! My kids literally ask every day (sometimes more than once a day Lol). I love the simplicity of the ingredients. I love the taste and truly believe in the effectiveness! I have become a customer for life. It's the only elderberry we'll take now.                                                                                                                - Denise G.
I absolutely LOVE the elderberry syrup! The flavor is amazing and the health benefits you get from taking this everyday is such a bonus! To support and boost your immune system and many more nutritional benefits!!                                    - Cheryl D.
Just picked up my first bottle today from Piggly Wiggly in Surfside! Love the convenience of different pickup locations, and it tastes great! Even my picky 6 year old likes it, and my 4 year old wanted more when we got home.
- Robyn T.
I started using Elderberry syrup to boost my immune system. I've tried other brands, but The Power of Elderberry Syrup is far better tasting, and I love that the ingredients used are organic, so I know I'm getting a good quality product that's effective. I highly recommend you give this a try.                                          - Theresa T.
My family and I all love this Elderberry syrup - great tasting, even for my picky child, and extremely effective! We love taking it both as a preventative measure as well as to move our sicknesses out quickly if we get any! Thank you all for your dedication to such a wonderful product!
- Kelly A.
Highly recommended! Great tasting! A lot of extra healthy things in it besides the Elderberries. I tell our patients it's a power punch of health. Thanks for all you do!
- Brooke P.