When we first shared our Signature Elderberry Syrup with others, we knew from research that elderberries supported the immune system and served as a natural remedy for cold, flu and allergy symptoms. However, over the years we have learned that our formula and intricate detail poured into each, and every bottle is doing things we never imagined possible. Customer testimonials keep us pushing forward; we cannot wait to hear your experience with The POWER of Elderberries!

Cough, Cold, Flu:

Within 48 hours after starting The POWER of Elderberries, elderberry syrup, my husband’s cough was gone! We are now taking a daily dose! I’m a nurse and a believer in this syrup!!! - Lynne S.
I have used this elderberry syrup since April for a chronic cough that I've had for years that absolutely nothing would touch, and within 3 days of using The P.O.E. my cough was gone. It is amazing...will never be without it.- Marsha B.
Amazing! I took The POWER of Elderberries for two days and my cough was gone. I make sure we keep a bottle in the house at all times. And it tastes great!! Thank you so much!- Laura E.
Wow! Six hours ago, I was curled up in bed, feeling like I was dying! After 2 doses of The POWER of Elderberries I am able to walk around without feeling dizzy! I feel so much less symptomatic, and with no ibuprofen my aches and pains have dulled to almost nothing. I am for sure sold on this liquid gold!- Rebecca F.
Wonderfully made Elderberry Syrup. High quality ingredients. Great taste. The Power of Elderberries has saved my family from the flu and other ailments since we began taking it. My kids love the taste too.- B Huggins
Friday both my son & myself started feeling bad. Aches, sore throat, and headache which is exactly how the flu starts. I started us on The POWER of Elderberries every three hours and within 6 hours we were both feeling better. By Saturday we were back to normal! Thank you for taking the leap and offering this syrup to us! It is also great for our families’ chronic seasonal allergies. So thankful for your family!- Brooke F.
This is the best tasting Elderberry Syrup we have been able to find! When we start to feel sick, we take it right away and it works so quickly. I gave it to my husband when we thought he had the Flu, and he took it for 2 days and it was gone! Family owned and operated company that truly cares about how their products are processed and handled! I recommend this brand to everyone!
- Jen W.

I was introduced to The POWER of Elderberries' elderberry syrup at Flowertown Festival. I have had inflammation in my heel tendons for well over a year, and the anti-inflammatory meds were not helping. I started taking The POE on a Sunday; by Tuesday my heel didn’t hurt, and I could actually walk on it. Give it a try. Well worth the money and not to have the pain.- Sharon J.

I have really bad arthritis. And I have a compromised immune system. When I started taking power of elderberry, it was for the immune system. After about a month I realized that I had mobility in my hands, my knees were not hurting, I could grasp things. And my pain is so greatly reduced. Through all of the pandemic, I feel as if the boost to my immune system has helped me be virus free. I do admit that I tried another brand when my local supplier he was out. I will never do that again! Power of elderberry is what works for me. I am a new person since I started taking it. Thank you thank you thank you! – Jenny R.
I love this product! When I saw this bottle of Elderberry syrup and tasted it, I thought it was delicious but never thought it could help me with so many health issues. Well, I bought a bottle and tried it it. I am here to say my achy joints are feeling so much better! I used to wake up with my allergies going wild and now the pollen doesn't bother me. My morning cough is gone. I am feeling so much better than I could have imagined. I am buying more syrup for home and gummies for my travel plans.- Joanne A.
My son is a chef and asked me about the POE. One of his associates asked him if he knew anyone who has experienced POE. I am living proof at the age of
65 and feel so much like my younger days. Thank you, POE, for such a great product!- Michele J.
A few weeks ago, I came across this product at the Conway farmers market, and I bought a bottle of this stuff. I have to admit I was very skeptical and thought of it as a carnival elixir, boy was I very wrong! I started using the recommended tablespoon and my sinuses started to dry up and my kidney pain just went away after a few days of using this stuff. It tastes great and would highly recommend this product to anyone. Thanks again!!! - Brandon C.
I was first introduced in Florence, SC to The Power of Elderberries. I was a skeptic at first but thought what could it hurt. I was dealing with severe migraines and pain in my heels. The migraines have slowed down the foot pain is 98% better!! I am walking in the evenings again and enjoying time with my family. My husband also has gotten on the Elderberry train and they have made him feel better. Thank you for all you do! - M Ore.

I bought my first bottle, and I am already breathing better than I have in months! Amazing! - Amy M.

I’ve used Elderberry for a couple years now, haven’t had a sinus infection since. I Love The Power Of Elderberries. Great company and delivers on time .Thanks for your commitment & hard work to keep people healthy- Sandra M.

My 13 month old has been snotty for well over a month, we had tried everything to clear it up. After three 1/2 teaspoon doses of this miracle syrup, she woke up this morning snot free!- Susannah M.

I have been taking The Power of Elderberries for at least 9 months, and it has been, as one of my students called it, magical. It has kept me away from the doctor for sick visits, helped me fight sinus and allergy yuckiness, and helped me cut down on sick days at work. It is amazing.- Brianne P.

I was really congested, and sore throat I started taking elderberry syrup and I’m a 1000 times better. I’ve got to get some more.- Kathy N.

The Power of Elderberries makes the best elderberry syrup. I have tried several but like theirs the best. I have found that not only is it helping my immune system but it also helps with keeping my allergies under control. And it tastes great! - Shannon K.

I have been using The Power of Elderberries since Jessica started her business. I take a "shot" every morning. I have not had a sinus infection since starting on the syrup. I will also take more during the day if I feel like I am coming down with a cold. I only see my primary doctor for check ups now! Thank you Jessica!- Bernadette K.

I cannot speak highly enough of this elderberry syrup! As a relatively new Mother I have been struggling to research alternatives to traditional medicines and worried about avoiding antibiotics wherever possible. My poor daughter got my allergies and we both struggle with congestion and other issues. Meeting Jessica was a God send, as my pediatrician was starting to pressure me to try an daily allergy medicine for my daughter. Since her and I started taking it daily our symptoms have GREATLY decreased! We take it twice a day if symptoms get worse & I can't describe how invaluable my peace of mind is, knowing where to turn if anyone is sick or has an issue. Thank you Power of Elderberries!- Erica R.

I love this! We go to Pawleys Island, SC every year from Jan to March and I always pick up a couple bottles of this to take while I'm there. It's usually allergy season which leads to respiratory problems. Since I've been taking this I've not had an infection. This year, I was a lot more concerned, picked up a bottle before we left for home, central NY, and just ordered 2 more that were delivered, fast, last week. It has some sort of power, that's for sure.- Barbara T.

 Great Tasting:

My daughter has had trouble with taking medicine and instead of loading her up with antibiotics when she gets sick, we have fought off sick germs with a shot of this great tasting elderberry syrup every time with no fuss! Thank you for taking this Momma's medicine woes away! - Dani K.

I started using this elderberry syrup earlier this year and introduced it to my kids soon after. They ask for it every day. They even fake cough and say they need their elderberry syrup. It tastes good and it works.- Jaime C.
The Power of Elderberries is not only a potent way to boost your immune system, but also delicious! I highly recommend this great product for anyone who is health-minded and focused on wellness rather than treating symptoms.- Linda B.
This is the best tasting elderberry syrup that I've ever had. The company is very responsive to orders as well as questions from customers and they make it easy to get this high-quality product. Great company to work with. - Ebeth S.
Love the taste and all the amazing benefits of The POWER of Elderberries...keep up the awesome job!- Christine K.
The most delicious elderberry syrup I’ve ever tasted! It has a wonderful viscosity. Thank you!- Leslie B.  
Discovered this product at a farmers' market in Myrtle Beach. I've been ordering from them ever since. Tried a sample of the liquid and the bite and was hooked. Tastes SO much better than any elderberry syrup I've tried! The bites are fantastic because they taste great and do not stick to your teeth at all!! Shipping is usually always within a couple days. I highly recommend 👌- Adie Jo
Just received my order! Super-fast shipping. My 2 year old said "yummy" when I gave it to her, so I tried it. It is yummy, and I love that it’s all natural and organic. Thank you so much. I highly recommend The Power of Elderberries.- Dawn F.
I was worried our 2.5 year old may not love the taste of the elderberry syrup BUT that wasn’t the case he keeps telling me it’s soooo deeeelicious and he needs more! I never expected to tell him he didn’t need anymore until tomorrow. Thank you for giving us a safe, natural, organic source of goodness. I couldn’t be more thankful Jessica! What a blessing you are- Lauren H.
Love the taste of this! Have tried others and this taste so good. My son and husband say it reminds them of apple butter. Needing to purchase another bottle soon.- Whitney C.
I have been a believer of elderberry for a while, but most of the shelf stable brands in store have questionable ingredients. My kids were also never thrilled to take it because most of the big brands are almost grossly sweet and have a thick syrup texture. Then a friend whose family owns a local health store introduced us to Power of Elderberries and my whole family loves it! My kids literally ask every day (sometimes more than once a day Lol). I love the simplicity of the ingredients. I love the taste and truly believe in the effectiveness! I have become a customer for life. It's the only elderberry we'll take now. -Denise G.
I absolutely LOVE the elderberry syrup! The flavor is amazing and the health benefits you get from taking this everyday is such a bonus! To support and boost your immune system and many more nutritional benefits!! - Cheryl D.
Just picked up my first bottle today from Piggly Wiggly in Surfside! Love the convenience of different pickup locations, and it tastes great! Even my picky 6 year old likes it, and my 4 year old wanted more when we got home.- Robyn T.
I started using Elderberry syrup to boost my immune system. I've tried other brands, but The Power of Elderberry Syrup is far better tasting, and I love that the ingredients used are organic, so I know I'm getting a good quality product that's effective. I highly recommend you give this a try. - Theresa T.
My family and I all love this Elderberry syrup - great tasting, even for my picky child, and extremely effective! We love taking it both as a preventative measure as well as to move our sicknesses out quickly if we get any! Thank you all for your dedication to such a wonderful product!- Kelly A.
Highly recommended! Great tasting! A lot of extra healthy things in it besides the Elderberries. I tell our patients it's a power punch of health. Thanks for all you do!- Brooke P.
We love The POWER of Elderberries to keep our 2-year-old & 1 year old healthy! They are both in daycare and were sick all the time until we started taking this elderberry syrup daily. They love the flavor too!- Ashley K.
We started using POE for extra immunity during the pandemic but soon realized how much it has helped my husband’s health issues. We are now committed to taking POE for the rest of our lives. And did I mention, it tastes great? I love that is it made from organic ingredients and local raw honey. Thank you for a great local product!- Angie S.
I’ve tried several different variety’s and even made my own with dried elderberries and local honey and this by far is the best, it’s good for whatever is wrong with you. I love the gummy’s for traveling and putting a couple in my purse for on the go times . I’ve used the location in Murrells Inlet , but love seeing you at the Surfside Market each week- Janice B.
It is delicious on top of strengthening my immune system. Everyone around is sick, but thankfully with The Power of Elderberries, I am not!- Sherry R.
It has helped me a lot with my IBS/immunity.  I recommend to all of my friends in person and on Facebook as "the real deal". – Debra
5 stars all the way! This syrup tastes great and since I’ve been using it, I haven’t gotten sick. This small family-owned business is extremely professional! I highly recommend them . I’m extremely pleased to see they are getting the syrup in local stores making it very convenient to keep on hand.- Pam B.
My wife and I started using the POWER of Elderberry brand a couple of years ago. It was recommended by a friend. We first bought it at the Market Common Farmers Market. At first I thought, yeah sure, another miracle potion. Now I feel bad if I miss a day. I'm not really sure how it does what it does but I know that I will not go without it. Bless you Jessica.- Ira G.
My family believes in the POE. We purchase 2 large bottles every month and take it year round . We haven’t even experienced the common cold since we started with one dose per day . I love the taste of it too .Susan R.
Since I've started giving the POWER of Elderberries to my family, we haven't been sick once. (Knock on Wood) Even seasonal allergies haven't been an issue. We are ready for flu season.- Kristen H.
Several nurses recommended Power of Elderberry for daily wellness
I bought it, followed the directions and I have to say the difference was amazing. I had very few colds and few days of feeling sick.

The best thing they came up with were the gummies. The answer to my problem of traveling with a liquid that needed to be refrigerated. Gummies go anywhere, no refrigeration, don’t stick in your teeth like candy gummies, and taste wonderful. We moved to Florida, and I still order them and I experience the same great results.- Edley F.

Best tasting syrup around. A spoonful daily helps with the changing of the seasons. After a few days from starting my daily spoonful, I felt more energized. Cannot wait to see how much it does for my health over a longer period of time. Thank you.- Tara H.

 Hello everyone, just wanted to share my opinion. I been using the The Power of Elderberries now for one year. The area l live in couldn't keep it in their store. That just how awesome it works on your health and making you feeling great. I purchased it and gave one to my daughter-in-law and now she gets it sent to her front porch every month. You really need to try it and see for yourself how good you going to feel. You really will see the difference.- Dr. Wanda W.

 After using the The Power of Elderberries daily for years, my A1C level has decreased, my daily dosage of oral diabetes medication has decreased. I no longer take a daily diabetic shot! All while building and increasing my immune system. No time for a cold, flu, or virus.- Ken D.

 A true believer in P.O.E. A business that has its customers health and wellness at the top of their priority. Always available to answer any questions. Personally, my high cholesterol and sugar blood work numbers have gone back to normal range since using daily.- Stephanie B

 Quality Control:

Highly recommend this particular brand to family, friends, and clients! Clean label and that is very important to me since I’m aka ‘The Food Label Ninja’. All organic ingredients except for the honey and that piece was important to me. Fully transparent brand/label from top to bottom! I have no worries at all that I will catch a bug having this on board with the rest of everything else I do daily to keep my body healthy. The rest of the family takes it too!- Stacie M.

I appreciate this "clean" elderberry syrup and that it's not loaded in sugar! Another benefit is that the bottle is friendly for dispensing. I'll be re-ordering soon and will consider subscription in the near future.- Susan C.
Absolutely delicious and the benefits from the Syrup are amazing! Great quality ingredients and very sweet people who make sure of it!- Amanda G.
Best, most effective, all natural, tried & true and made with love & care for the betterment of health elderberry syrup, ever!!- Melinda C.
Our family has been taking The Power of Elderberries for over a year. The taste is wonderful and it’s so easy to take! I feel comforted knowing it’s made with pure ingredients. I truly believe it has kept us healthy.

Shipping is always quick and wrapped carefully to protect the product.                - Martha G.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for creating such an amazing and miraculous syrup! Thank you for selling it to the public! Thank you for the dedication of you and Jessica selling, promoting, and making your product! And finally thank you for showing your appreciation to your customers. It has been such a pleasure watching your company grow from the little dorm size fridge at the North Myrtle Beach Farmer’s Market.  I always recommend your product to all my friends and family in NJ. The most recent order is sent to my mom and my 95-year-old grandmother. Sending you a huge thank you from NJ.- Nanette C.
Highly recommend. Woman owned. And the owner cares as much about our health as we do. The transparency is their ingredients says it all. I am aka ‘The Food Label Ninja.’ The label her passes the test with flying colors. No ambiguity here. Sourcing only the best for our precious bodies and third party testing! Tastes yummy too! I will continue to purchase for my own family and recommending to family, friends, and clients this brand only!- Stacie M.