On The Go Plus! Bundle


Intended for households that use a combination of our bites and liquid.  Perfect for two adults or an adult with children.

The ON-THE-GO PLUS! The bundle provides 40 adult servings or 80 child servings of our on-the-go bites plus! 35 adult servings/105 child servings of the once-daily dose of our syrup liquid.

  • 1 - 19oz. bottle of our Signature Elderberry Syrup 
  • 2 - 40ct. bottles of our Signature Elderberry Syrup Bites

Choose auto-replenish to save 15% plus FREE shipping and set a delivery frequency of every (1) month for households with at least two adults.

Fresh-made elderberry syrup liquid is made with organic ingredients and local raw honey. **Please refrigerate upon arrival**

Elderberry Syrup Bites allow you to take all the benefits of our Signature Elderberry Syrup on the go with ease. They are handcrafted from the same five core ingredients as our elderberry syrup. *NO refrigeration necessary*

This bundle ships cold as it contains our signature elderberry syrup liquid which must be refrigerated upon arrival. Our Signature Elderberry bites are shelf-stable and do NOT require refrigeration.

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