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The POWER of Elderberries supports individuals and famillies to stay connected, stay active, and stay healthy year-round with premium elderberry syrup  most recommended by holistic practitioners. The POWER of Elderberries premium elderberry syrup  is recommended for year round support of a healthy immune system, joint health, and maintaining a healthy inflammatory response in the body.  The POWER of Elderberries ensures the highest quality and efficacy of Elderberry syrup supplementation and is known for being pure, potent, and delicious.

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Hi everyone, I’m Jessica the founder and owner of The POWER of Elderberries. When I was pregnant with my middle of three, I was drawn to holistic supplementation and nutrition for myself and my family. I was motivated to provide my children with a safe, effective, and delicious supplement to support their little immune systems. Through independent research, I discovered the extraordinary health benefits of the European black elderberry and the diversity of ways it has been used for centuries in holistic medicine. Because the quality and efficacy of ingredients in both supplements and daily nutrition are very important to me, I was disappointed when my research led me to a dead end searching for a premium elderberry syrup product that was free from refined and artificial sugars, harmful ingredients, preservatives, and processing techniques that compromised the efficacy and safety of the product. I decided to make my own elderberry syrup to have control over ingredient quality, safety, and taste. When I started sharing the health benefits of elderberry syrup with friends they became increasingly interested in the pure potent and delicious syrup I was making that supported my family’s health. I started providing my elderberry syrup liquid to fellow moms at their request. The quality and efficacy gained a reputation through word of mouth and shared testimonials, and an unexpected business bloomed. As my husband and I evaluated scaling our budding elderberry syrup business, quality assurance, and consumer safety were at the top of our priority list. God had a plan, and I was faithful in trusting each next step that he guided me towards. We moved into a commercial facility, my husband resigned from financial planning to wholeheartedly support the business as Chief Financial Officer, and we hired our Director of Operations to lead production. From the seed of inspiration to provide the highest quality of immune support for my family the awareness of The POWER of Elderberries continues to grow. Since 2018 we have become known as The Premium Elderberry Syrup supplementation recommended by holistic practitioners for quality and efficacy to support healthy, active lifestyles for ages 1 to 100. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making The POWER of Elderberries a part of you and your family’s health journey!  

About Us

Hi everyone! I'm Jake, Jessica's husband and owner and CEO of The POWER of Elderberries.

About Us

The P.O.E Difference 

Since conception, The POWER of Elderberries has evolved into the premium choice of elderberry syrup recommended by holistic practitioners for its quality and efficacy to support whole family health. Behind the scenes is an entire team that sees customers as extended family and cares deeply for their health and well-being. The POWER of Elderberries has greatly impacted each of our families health, and we hope to continue supporting more families to stay connected, active, and healthy year-round through a daily dose of premium handcrafted elderberry syrup. 

To Your Health & Happiness,

The POWER of Elderberries