SUPPORTING A HEALTHIER COMMUNITY SINCE 2018 as the premium choice of Elderberry Syrup recommended by practitioners nationwide.

The POWER of Elderberries supports individuals and families passionate about experiencing the good things in life by staying connected, staying active, and staying healthy year-round with premium elderberry syrup. The POWER of Elderberries premium elderberry syrup  is recommended by holistic practitioners for year round support of a healthy immune system, joint health, and maintaining a healthy inflammatory response in the body.  The POWER of Elderberries ensures the highest quality and efficacy of elderberry syrup supplementation and is known for being pure, potent, and delicious.

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Founded by the Lowery's

Founded and operated by the Lowery's, Jessica and Jake bring their individual strengths to The POWER of Elderberries to lead their incredible team, paired with shared values and dedication for serving their local community of Myrtle Beach, SC and beyond.

Aside from being small business owners, they love spending time together with their three children and cheering for them from the side lines, where they often find themselves in this stage of life. As a family they enjoy spending time outdoors, which includes camping, going to the beach and enjoying local attractions in their hometown of Myrtle Beach, SC.   

Supporting a healthier community since 2018

What started with motivation to provide their children with a safe, effective, and delicious supplement to support their little immune systems led to a business adventure they never saw coming. The quality and efficacy of Jessica’s elderberry syrup formulation gained a reputation through word of mouth and shared testimonials, and in 2018 an unexpected business bloomed.

Since 2018, The POWER of Elderberries has become nationally recognized as the premium elderberry syrup supplementation recommended by holistic practitioners for quality and efficacy to support healthy, active lifestyles for ages 1 to 100. 

What we want for our own family is what we want for yours.

Quality assurance and consumer safety have always been at the forefront of what they do from the seed of inspiration to provide the highest quality of immune support for their own family and the awareness of The POWER of Elderberries continues to grow. 

"What we want for our own family is also what we want for yours and that is why we promise to never compromise the quality of our products. Our “loyalists” continue to be the reason why we do what we do.  It’s truly a blessing to share our amazing products with others and we are so grateful to have an impact on our customer's health, supporting their holistic approach to wellness and helping them live their best life. 

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making The POWER of Elderberries a part of you and your family’s health journey! We are honored to welcome you into our community, whom we see as family."




Consistently delicious and elderberry syrup! My family loves the taste and benefits of the POE products. Highly recommend on promptness and delivery service also!
Love this! We have since bought multiple bottles of the syrup in large. My son who is a year and half loves it (even though we can only give him a small dose) and looks forward to his medicine when he is sick. Our whole family enjoys the syrup and as we are out again, I’m literally about to run and get some more! I love that this is local and organic and made with the best ingredients. The product is high quality, delicious, and really helps us get through the hard days of winter viruses, coughs, and mucus-y days. I feel better with this as my aid and love that my baby can have it too.
Amazing product and company! I love the elderberry syrup and take it everyday. It has a great taste and if I when I felt like I was coming down with something, I took it several times a day, and felt better in no time!
Great product! I would recommend this product for anyone with any discomfort. I take it night and have a restful sleep.
Best Elderberry Syrup with great results 1. This is the best tasting elderberry syrup! (and I've tried quite a few) 2. I started taking this consistently and for the first time in over a decade I am no longer "pre-diabetic". My latest (non-fasting) blood work reported my lowest glucose level yet. 3. My cholesterol levels are all going in the right direction too :) I absolutely recommend trying THIS elderberry syrup.

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