The Role of Whole Organic Spices In Supporting A Healthy Lifestyle

Spices and herbs are used for culinary purposes to enhance the flavor, aroma, and color of food and beverages as well as to support healthy function of our body's systems.



Research shows the process of creating ground, dehydrated spices can compromise the active components that provide the spice's health benefits. We take this into consideration when creating our Elderberry Syrup products and choose to use whole, never ground spices. This not only ensures a premium taste, but the delivery of premium health benefits for our customers.

Supports a strong immune system •  Supports healthy inflammatory response • Promotes heart health • Supports healthy blood sugar levels • Promotes oral health 

 Supports healthy liver function • Supports healthy blood sugar levels • Promotes ease of movement and supports a healthy inflammatory response in the body  

Supports healthy digestion • Supports healthy brain function • Supports healthy joints and muscles • Supports healthy cholesterol levels • Supports healthy blood sugar level

Made with Organic Spices and 

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The POWER of Elderberries® supports a healthy lifestyle by providing premium Elderberry Syrup products with an uncomprised quality so you can experience the good things in life. 


Consistently delicious and elderberry syrup! My family loves the taste and benefits of the POE products. Highly recommend on promptness and delivery service also!
Love this! We have since bought multiple bottles of the syrup in large. My son who is a year and half loves it (even though we can only give him a small dose) and looks forward to his medicine when he is sick. Our whole family enjoys the syrup and as we are out again, I’m literally about to run and get some more! I love that this is local and organic and made with the best ingredients. The product is high quality, delicious, and really helps us get through the hard days of winter viruses, coughs, and mucus-y days. I feel better with this as my aid and love that my baby can have it too.
Amazing product and company! I love the elderberry syrup and take it everyday. It has a great taste and if I when I felt like I was coming down with something, I took it several times a day, and felt better in no time!
Great product! I would recommend this product for anyone with any discomfort. I take it night and have a restful sleep.
Best Elderberry Syrup with great results 1. This is the best tasting elderberry syrup! (and I've tried quite a few) 2. I started taking this consistently and for the first time in over a decade I am no longer "pre-diabetic". My latest (non-fasting) blood work reported my lowest glucose level yet. 3. My cholesterol levels are all going in the right direction too :) I absolutely recommend trying THIS elderberry syrup.