I was introduced to The POWER of Elderberries' elderberry syrup at Flowertown Festival. I have had inflammation in my heel tendons for well over a year, and the anti-inflammatory meds were not helping. I started taking The POE on a Sunday; by Tuesday my heel didn’t hurt, and I could actually walk on it. Give it a try. Well worth the money and not to have the pain....                                           
- Sharon J.
I have really bad arthritis. And I have a compromised immune system. When I started taking power of elderberry, it was for the immune system. After about a month I realized that I had mobility in my hands, my knees were not hurting, I could grasp things. And my pain is so greatly reduced. Through all of the pandemic, I feel as if the boost to my immune system has helped me be virus free. I do admit that I tried another brand when my local supplier he was out. I will never do that again! Power of elderberry is what works for me. I am a new person since I started taking it. Thank you thank you thank you!                         
 – Jenny R.
I love this product! When I saw this bottle of Elderberry syrup and tasted it, I thought it was delicious but never thought it could help me with so many health issues. Well, I bought a bottle and tried it it. I am here to say my achy joints are feeling so much better! I used to wake up with my allergies going wild and now the pollen doesn't bother me. My morning cough is gone. I am feeling so much better than I could have imagined. I am buying more syrup for home and [bites] for my travel plans.
- Joanne A.
My son is a chef and asked me about the POE. One of his associates asked him if he knew anyone who has experienced POE. I am living proof at the age of 65 and feel so much like my younger days. Thank you, POE, for such a great product!
- Michele J.
A few weeks ago, I came across this product at the Conway farmers market, and I bought a bottle of this stuff. I have to admit I was very skeptical and thought of it as a carnival elixir, boy was I very wrong! I started using the recommended tablespoon and my sinuses started to dry up and my kidney pain just went away after a few days of using this stuff. It tastes great and would highly recommend this product to anyone. Thanks again!!!
- Brandon C.
I was first introduced in Florence, SC to The Power of Elderberries. I was a skeptic at first but thought what could it hurt. I was dealing with severe migraines and pain in my heels. The migraines have slowed down the foot pain is 98% better!! I am walking in the evenings again and enjoying time with my family. My husband also has gotten on the Elderberry train and they have made him feel better. Thank you for all you do!
- M Ore.  

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