I bought my first bottle, and I am already breathing better than I have in months! Amazing! - Amy M.

I cannot speak highly enough of this elderberry syrup! As a relatively new Mother I have been struggling to research alternatives to traditional medicines and worried about avoiding antibiotics wherever possible. My poor daughter got my allergies and we both struggle with congestion and other issues. Meeting Jessica was a God send, as my pediatrician was starting to pressure me to try an daily allergy medicine for my daughter. Since her and I started taking it daily our symptoms have GREATLY decreased! We take it twice a day if symptoms get worse & I can't describe how invaluable my peace of mind is, knowing where to turn if anyone is sick or has an issue. Thank you Power of Elderberries! - Erica R.

I’ve used Elderberry for a couple years now, haven’t had a sinus infection since. I Love The Power Of Elderberries. Great company and delivers on time .Thanks for your commitment & hard work to keep people healthy. - Sandra M.

My 13 month old has been snotty for well over a month, we had tried everything to clear it up. After three 1/2 teaspoon doses of this miracle syrup, she woke up this morning snot free. - Susannah M.

I have been taking The Power of Elderberries for at least 9 months, and it has been, as one of my students called it, magical. It has kept me away from the doctor for sick visits, helped me fight sinus and allergy yuckiness, and helped me cut down on sick days at work. It is amazing. - Brianne P.

I was really congested, and sore throat I started taking elderberry syrup and I’m a 1000 times better. I’ve got to get some more. - Kathy N.

 The Power of Elderberries makes the best elderberry syrup. I have tried several but like theirs the best. I have found that not only is it helping my immune system but it also helps with keeping my allergies under control. And it tastes great! -Shannon K.

I have been using The Power of Elderberries since Jessica started this business. I will also take more during the day if I feel like I am coming down with a cold. I only see my primary doctor for check ups now! Thank you Jessica! - Bernadette K.

I love this! We go to Pawleys Island, SC every year from Jan to March and I always pick up a couple bottles of this to take while I'm there. It's usually allergy season which leads to respiratory problems. Since I've been taking this I've not had an infection. This year, I was a lot more concerned, picked up a bottle before we left for home, central NY, and just ordered 2 more that were delivered, fast, last week. It has some sort of power, that's for sure. - Barbara T.


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