I have had inflammation in my heel tendons for well over a year, and the anti inflammatory meds were not helping. I started taking The POE on a Sunday; by Tuesday my heel didn’t hurt, and I could actually walk on it. Give it a try. Well worth the money and not to have the pain.....
- Sharon J.
My family and I all love this Elderberry syrup - great tasting, even for my picky child, and extremely effective! We love taking it both as a preventative measure as well as to move our sicknesses out quickly if we get any! Thank you all for your dedication to such a wonderful product!
- Kelly A.
I have used this elderberry syrup since April for a chronic cough that I've had for years that absolutely nothing would touch, and within 3 days of using The POE... my cough was gone. It is amazing...will never be without it.
- Marsha B.
I have been taking The Power of Elderberries for at least 9 months, and it has been, as one of my students called it, magical. It has kept me away from the doctor for sick visits, helped me fight sinus and allergy yuckiness, and helped me cut down on sick days at work. It is amazing.
- Brianne P.
Love the taste of this! Have tried others and this taste so good. My son and husband say it reminds them of apple butter. Needing to purchase another bottle soon.
- Whitney C.
Get some The POWER of Elderberries' elderberry syrup. You will thank me for the referral.
- Shana V.
Amazing! I took The POWER of Elderberries for two days and my cough was gone. I make sure we keep a bottle in the house at all times. And it tastes great!! Thank you so much!
- Laura E.
Absolutely delicious and the benefits from the Syrup are amazing! Great quality ingredients and very sweet people who make sure of it!
- Amanda G.
Friday both my son & myself started feeling bad. Aches, sore throat, and headache which is exactly how the flu starts. I started us on The POWER of Elderberries every three hours and within 6 hours we were both feeling better. By Saturday we were back to normal! Thank you for taking the leap and offering this syrup to us! It is also great for our families chronic seasonal allergies. So thankful for your family!
- Brooke F.
I was worried our 2.5 year old may not love the taste of the elderberry syrup BUT that wasn’t the case he keeps telling me it’s soooo deeeelicious and he needs more! I never expected to tell him he didn’t need anymore until tomorrow. Thank you for giving us a safe, natural, organic source of goodness. I couldn’t be more thankful Jessica! What a blessing you are
- Lauren H.
Wow! Six hours ago I was curled up in bed, feeling like I was dying! After 2 doses of The POWER of Elderberries I am able to walk around without feeling dizzy! I feel so much less symptomatic, and with no ibuprofen my aches and pains have dulled to almost nothing. I am for sure sold on this liquid gold! - Rebecca F.
My 13 month old has been snotty for well over a month, we had tried everything to clear it up. After three 1/2 teaspoon doses of this miracle syrup, she woke up this morning snot free!
- Susannah M.
Within 48 hours after starting The POWER of Elderberries, elderberry syrup, my husband’s cough was gone! We are now taking a daily dose! I’m a nurse and a believer in this syrup!!!
- Lynne S.