Within 48 hours after starting The POWER of Elderberries, elderberry syrup, my husband’s cough was gone! We are now taking a daily dose! I’m a nurse and a believer in this syrup!!!
- Lynne S.
I have used this elderberry syrup since April for a chronic cough that I've had for years that absolutely nothing would touch, and within 3 days of using The P.O.E. my cough was gone. It is amazing...will never be without it.
- Marsha B.
Amazing! I took The POWER of Elderberries for two days and my cough was gone. I make sure we keep a bottle in the house at all times. And it tastes great!! Thank you so much!
- Laura E.
Wow! Six hours ago, I was curled up in bed, feeling like I was dying! After 2 doses of The POWER of Elderberries I am able to walk around without feeling dizzy! I feel so much less symptomatic, and with no ibuprofen my aches and pains have dulled to almost nothing. I am for sure sold on this liquid gold!
- Rebecca F.
Wonderfully made Elderberry Syrup. High quality ingredients. Great taste. The Power of Elderberries has saved my family from the flu and other ailments since we began taking it. My kids love the taste too.
- B Huggins
Friday both my son & myself started feeling bad. Aches, sore throat, and headache which is exactly how the flu starts. I started us on The POWER of Elderberries every three hours and within 6 hours we were both feeling better. By Saturday we were back to normal! Thank you for taking the leap and offering this syrup to us! It is also great for our families’ chronic seasonal allergies. So thankful for your family!
- Brooke F.
This is the best tasting Elderberry Syrup we have been able to find! When we start to feel sick, we take it right away and it works so quickly. I gave it to my husband when we thought he had the Flu, and he took it for 2 days and it was gone! Family owned and operated company that truly cares about how their products are processed and handled! I recommend this brand to everyone!
- Jen W.

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