Best tasting syrup around. A spoonful daily helps with the changing of the seasons. After a few days from starting my daily spoonful, I felt more energized. Cannot wait to see how much it does for my health over a longer period of time. Thank you.
- Tara H.

Hello everyone, just wanted to share my opinion. I been using the The Power of Elderberries now for one year. The area l live in couldn't keep it in their store. That just how awesome it works on your health and making you feeling great. I purchased it and gave one to my daughter-in-law and now she gets it sent to her front porch every month. You really need to try it and see for yourself how good you going to feel. You really will see the difference.

- Dr. Wanda W.

After using the The Power of Elderberries daily for years, my A1C level has decreased, my daily dosage of oral diabetes medication has decreased. I no longer take a daily diabetic shot! All while building and increasing my immune system. No time for a cold, flu, or virus.

- Ken D.

A true believer in P.O.E. This is a business that has its customers health and wellness at the top of their priority. Always available to answer any questions. Personally, my high cholesterol and sugar blood work numbers have gone back to normal range since using daily.

- Stephanie B


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