Syrup Bottle Insulator


The P.O.E.’s Syrup Bottle Insulator is perfect for keeping your bottle of elderberry syrup cold when:
• Traveling by car ride for your weekend getaway.
• Running errands around town.
• Gifting our Signature Elderberry Syrup to those you love.

The built-in freezable gel packs help maintain cool temperatures while out away from your refrigerator and are a perfect fit for both sizes of our elderberry syrup. These Freezie Bottle Insulators also make a wonderful gift for a faithful Believer of The POWER of Elderberries (or yourself!).

• Made from high-quality neoprene (the same material used to make wet suits).
• Collapsible bottom makes for easy storing when not in use.
• Measurements: 5” x 4.24”

*Elderberry Syrup is sold separately.

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