Highly recommend this particular brand to family, friends, and clients! Clean label and that is very important to me since I’m aka ‘The Food Label Ninja’. All organic ingredients except for the honey and that piece was important to me. Fully transparent brand/label from top to bottom! I have no worries at all that I will catch a bug having this on board with the rest of everything else I do daily to keep my body healthy. The rest of the family takes it too!  - Stacie M.

I appreciate this "clean" elderberry syrup and that it's not loaded in sugar! Another benefit is that the bottle is friendly for dispensing. I'll be re-ordering soon and will consider subscription in the near future. - Susan C.
Absolutely delicious and the benefits from the Syrup are amazing! Great quality ingredients and very sweet people who make sure of it! - Amanda G.
Best, most effective, all natural, tried & true and made with love & care for the betterment of health elderberry syrup, ever!! - Melinda C.
Our family has been taking The Power of Elderberries for over a year. The taste is wonderful and it’s so easy to take! I feel comforted knowing it’s made with pure ingredients. I truly believe it has kept us healthy. Shipping is always quick and wrapped carefully to protect the product. - Martha G.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for creating such an amazing and miraculous syrup! Thank you for selling it to the public! Thank you for the dedication of you and Jessica selling, promoting, and making your product! And finally thank you for showing your appreciation to your customers. It has been such a pleasure watching your company grow from the little dorm size fridge at the North Myrtle Beach Farmer’s Market.  I always recommend your product to all my friends and family in NJ. The most recent order is sent to my mom and my 95-year-old grandmother. Sending you a huge thank you from NJ. - Nanette C.
Highly recommend. Woman owned. And the owner cares as much about our health as we do. The transparency is their ingredients says it all. I am aka ‘The Food Label Ninja.’ The label her passes the test with flying colors. No ambiguity here. Sourcing only the best for our precious bodies and third party testing! Tastes yummy too! I will continue to purchase for my own family and recommending to family, friends, and clients this brand only!  - Stacie M.