We love The POWER of Elderberries to keep our 2-year-old & 1 year old healthy! They are both in daycare and were sick all the time until we started taking this elderberry syrup daily. They love the flavor too!
- Ashley K.
We started using POE for extra immunity during the pandemic but soon realized how much it has helped my husband’s health issues. We are now committed to taking POE for the rest of our lives. And did I mention, it tastes great? I love that is it made from organic ingredients and local raw honey. Thank you for a great local product!                                                                                   
- Angie S.
I’ve tried several different variety’s and even made my own with dried elderberries and local honey and this by far is the best, it’s good for whatever is wrong with you. I love the gummy’s for traveling and putting a couple in my purse for on the go times . I’ve used the location in Murrells Inlet , but love seeing you at the Surfside Market each week
- Janice B.
It is delicious on top of strengthening my immune system. Everyone around is sick, but thankfully with The Power of Elderberries, I am not!
- Sherry R.
It has helped me a lot with my IBS/immunity.  I recommend to all of my friends in person and on Facebook as "the real deal".                                             
5 stars all the way! This syrup tastes great and since I’ve been using it, I haven’t gotten sick. This small family-owned business is extremely professional! I highly recommend them . I’m extremely pleased to see they are getting the syrup in local stores making it very convenient to keep on hand.
- Pam B.
My wife and I started using the POWER of Elderberry brand a couple of years ago. It was recommended by a friend. We first bought it at the Market Common Farmers Market. At first I thought, yeah sure, another miracle potion. Now I feel bad if I miss a day. I'm not really sure how it does what it does but I know that I will not go without it. Bless you Jessica.
-Ira G.
My family believes in the POE. We purchase 2 large bottles every month and take it year round . We haven’t even experienced the common cold since we started with one dose per day . I love the taste of it too .
-Susan R.
Since I've started giving the POWER of Elderberries to my family, we haven't been sick once. (Knock on Wood) Even seasonal allergies haven't been an issue. We are ready for flu season.
-Kristen H.
Several nurses recommended Power of Elderberry for daily wellness
I bought it, followed the directions and I have to say the difference was amazing. I had very few colds and few days of feeling sick. The best thing they came up with were the [bites]. The answer to my problem of traveling with a liquid that needed to be refrigerated. [Bites] go anywhere, no refrigeration, don’t stick in your teeth like candy gummies, and taste wonderful. We moved to Florida, and I still order them and I experience the same great results.
-Edley F.

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