On The Go Bundle


Perfect for those that are often on the go or simply prefer our shelf-stable Signature Elderberry Syrup BITES!

Whether you simply love the chewable form of our liquid or are often traveling and on the go, this bundle provides 40 servings of our Signature Elderberry Syrup Bites for a single adult or a two-month supply of bites for a child.

  • 2 - 40ct. bottle of our Signature Elderberry Syrup Bites

Choose auto-replenish to save 15% plus FREE shipping and set a delivery frequency of every (1) month for a single adult or every (2) months for an individual child. 

Elderberry Syrup Bites provide a healthy, shelf-stable alternative to our Signature Elderberry Syrup Liquid, which must remain refrigerated. Our Elderberry Syrup Bites allow you to take all the benefits of our Signature Elderberry Syrup on the go! They are handcrafted from the same five core ingredients as our elderberry syrup. *NO refrigeration necessary*

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