This October, we're focusing on healthy lifestyle practices to help you maximize the benefits from our Signature Elderberry Syrup Products.

Our elderberry products are a premium supplement to a healthy lifestyle. However, a healthy lifestyle can turn seasonal with the ebb and flow of different stressors that affect our emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Stress can wreak havoc on our whole body's systems leading to an increase in inflammation and compromising our immune system, rendering us more susceptible to illness.

Here are FOUR simple lifestyle practices to help you manage stress in a healthy way and in time for the ebb and flow of the holiday’s and seasonal festivities.

This fall, adopt these four practices that will help you change your mind(set) and your health.

We may love the holidays, the soothing aroma of fall, the fresh crisp air, the flavor of apple, pumpkin and spice, being surrounded by  family and enjoying Saturday football however stress often creeps into even the best of seasons.

1. Make Space

Practice eliminating, delegating and modifying the responsibilities and sea of "to-do's" on your calendar. 


In order to overcome an overwhelming schedule, have a productive day and enjoy it all at the same time, we must make space; space on our calendar to breath in the fresh crisp fall air, breath in the moment with family, and not feel hurried or anxious about what is next.

In order to stay in the moment or come back to it from the inevitable wandering thoughts that lend to your growing to-do list, we must Eliminate a few things (GASP!), Delegate (Eek!) and Modify (sounds less threatening than "change", because, let’s be honest, we don’t like change). 

First, take an inventory of your personal, family and work activities including volunteer activities.

Which daily chores, household responsibilities, non-essential family commitments, and  overtime hours at work or additional responsibilities you’ve said “Yes,” to that you may be able to eliminate or delegate?

Can you eliminate work after 5 pm?

Can you ask your spouse to cook twice a week, or your teenager to clean the kitchen after dinner during the week?

Can you ask someone else to take over the third additional responsibility you assumed for your volunteer organization?

What are you able to modify, or change from the remaining inventory list of responsibilities? 

Can you create a healthy boundary by putting  your phone down by 7 pm and giving your mind a complete rest for better sleep and improved clarity? Social media can be quite a distraction and consume our time without us realizing it. 

Can you shift from meal planning all on one day to creating simple, enjoyable meals throughout the week? How can you modify your expectations to be healthier? 

Make Space by letting your family and friends know that you are making more space for them by eliminating and delegating a few activities.

Once you’ve created MORE SPACE in your daily routine, Let’s use it to just ENJOY yourself.

Email us at info@ to share with us how this one activity worked for you and what you plan to do with your additional calendar space.


2. Choose ONE

Choose just one healthy form of movement or exercise to introduce to your daily routine or focus on whether it’s a 10 minute walk or a 30 minute yoga session. We are much more likely to stick with a habit if it feels, simple and rewarding.

You’ve made MORE space in your schedule , now choose 10-30 minutes every day to consistently enjoy moving your body. If you find  committing to an hour of exercise six days a week is impracticable and overwhelming, enjoy 20 minutes a day in a way that you can commit to.



Add spices and foods to your diet every day that encourage a healthy mind and body; take the focus off of what you can’t have and onto what you can have.

Trying to eat healthier? Add more fresh fruits, greens and lean protein, add spices while you continue to enjoy the holiday meals and indulgences.

Go HERE to read about the medicinal benefits of the core spices we use in our Elderberry Syrup.



What is the one thing that would make the biggest difference in your state of stress? Or your health?

Think about the smallest actionable step you can take to move toward that one small, impactful habit.  Then go for it!

It’s  much less overwhelming and easier to commit to an enjoyable, simple habit that can make a big difference rather than a difficult and monstrous goal that requires a lot of commitment from the beginning.

Start simple, with JUST ONE Small Change.

Commit to it through the end of the year to set yourself up for momentum in the NEW YEAR.



There you go! 4 Simple Practices for your health & happiness, helping provide decrease in stress and a stronger immune system! 

Email us at info@thepowerofelderberries.com to share which of these 4 simple practices you're committing to, or if all of them!  


What I want for my own family is also what I want for yours. For that reason, the quality of our products will never be compromised. Quality standards and consumer safety are at the forefront of our business practices.

Jessica Lowery