Give Thanks to Support Your Health & Vitality

Research shows that genuine thankfulness and expression of sincere gratitude improves physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

We care about our loyalists whole health, so this Thanksgiving we are encouraging everyone to adopt one simple gratitude practice and by gifting a downloadable (below) as your accountability partner to give thanks EVERY DAY!

After all, evidence shows a little bit of gratitude multiplies itself into a harvest of health and happiness.

One study asking college students to write a single gratitude letter to one person every week for three weeks showed evidence of increase positive emotions and significantly better mental health up to 12 weeks following the study.

While yet another study supports a correlation between gratitude and improved physical health, suggesting that a healthier mindset allows for healthier lifestyle choices including increased activity and willingness to seek help for health related concerns. 

This time of year is when we tend to see more focus on thankfulness practices and gratitude challenges and based on the overwhelming evidence that is circulated in combination with our personal intuition (we know it’s true) it could possibly be one of the best times of year to re-evaluate our gratitude meter and adopt just one simple practice that gives us the opportunity to recognize what we have to be thankful for as much as the opportunity to show gratitude.

This November we are encouraging our loyalists to Give Thanks to encourage a lifestyle rich in health & happiness! 

Download A Season of Thanks & Giving HERE.

This downloadable includes 28 day’s of “Sharing Thanks” & Expressing Gratitude” plus it has space for you to track your daily dose of The POWER of Elderberries. 

Receive yours to your inbox, download HERE.

As a daily supplement that supports healthy lifestyles by encouraging ease of movement and supporting strong immune systems as well as a healthy inflammatory response in the body we are providing this downloadable to you as your November Accountability Partner for Health & Happiness! 

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Jessica Lowery